Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vegan Eats Waterbury VT

This may have been my favorite meal of the entire trip. A Marinated Tempeh sandwich from the Alchemist Brew Pub in Waterbury, VT. There must be a pound of tempeh on this bad boy. Pair it with one of the handcrafted beers and that is about as good as it gets in my world. The original sandwich comes with a Walnut Pesto which you should check on the status of and quite frankly I didn't ask about the roll because I was eating it right on the plate but I was craving tempeh and this hit the spot. The menu ranges from starters such as house made pretzels and your typical ominvorous wings to salads, sandwiches and several dishes that feature blackened tofu! Add to this a a varety of handcrafted beers that run the full range from heffenweisen to stout and IPA and well I think you can imagine why this was a favorite. They only serve dinner and get quite crowded so we missed out on a seating one night. But at least we weren't the only hipster doofus parents in there with our kids. This is a stand out restaurant in a pretty surprising location.


  1. The first night we went to go there was an hour wait and no one wanted to wait except me. I literally had a stamping my feet tantrum on the way to another restaurant. I wanted me some tempeh and beer...bad!

  2. uhh... tempeh sandwich and beer????