Monday, October 5, 2009

Vegan Eats Stowe Vermont

One of my family's and my favorite vacation spots is Vermont. We have spent a week each summer in a cabin with no tv, no internet, and no cellphones in various VT towns ever since my children were toddlers. These weeks are spent swimming in lakes, hiking on mountains and exploring independent and used books stores. Basically heaven on earth to us. We spend most of our evenings playing board and card games, roasting marshmellows and reading. Now that the kids have gotten older we have been able to add in exploring towns and restaurants. And Vermont has a great assortment of local, sustainable foods availiable with multiple vegetarian selections. Vegan Eats are not always so easy to come by. You see Vermont has a plethora of small local dairy farms and it seems almost anti-vermontian to not order cheese on everything. Now I am obviously not going to go into the details of dairy farming here nor am I singing the praises of local dairy. Although truth be known I admit to finding Kraft more of an enemy than some of the small family farms located in Vermont. That being is possible to get a decent vegan meal in Vermont with a little inside knowledge. This week, I will focus on our last family vacation and the places where we discovered vegan food along the way. The above dish is a Yellow Thai Curry from The Whip in Stowe VT. And as you can see an available option is to top it with grilled tofu vs shrimp or chicken. This was absolutley lovely and made me feel like I was having a vegan gourmet treat. The Whip is the restaurant at the Green Mountain Inn located in downtown Stowe. In addition to the curry, the Inn features other easily veganizable meals including the Flatbread with Black Beans, Corn, Garlic and Onion also pictured. This is not cheap eats by any means, but the wonderful flavors and beautiful setting --lit fireplace in the dining room in the Winter and outdoor cafe dining in Summer make for a very pleasant meal indeed.

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