Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kaya's Kitchen, Belmar NJ

Kaya's Meetup
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What better way to start off Vegan Mofo 2009 than with a big fat picture of my youngest stuffing her face with a vegan periogie from Kaya's Kitchen in Belmar, NJ. ? Kaya's is one of our favorite restaurants. This past Sunday my family and about 14 other PPKer's descended upon the all you can eat buffet and put a serious hurting on some delicious vegan food. Kaya's is a full service restaurant serving vegetarian and vegan food for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday. Sunday's feature a vegan brunch during the season (that's April through Oct for you non-Jersey Shorians) and an all you can eat buffet year round. This week featured: A massive salad with their incredible house dressing, Barbecued Seitan "Ribs", Jambalaya, Veag Loaf, the best Mashed Potatoes and Gravy ANYWHERE, Sauteed Broccoli and Kale, Brown Rice and the above pictured Potatoe and Spinach Pierogis! Beverages and desserts are also available. My lovely pumpkin had a Banana Creme Cupcake --all baked products are vegan-- which she graciously allowed me to sample. YUM! The regular menu items I can whole heartedly recommend in addition to the buffet items are Tempallo Wings..again the best wing sauce ANYWHERE, The Philly Sandwich and Country Fried Gluten. The Onion Rings are nothing to sneeze at either. I cannot say enough about the quality and flavor of the food at Kaya's. If you have never been there...what are you waiting for?


  1. I wish I could go there! Mmmmmm... mashed potatoes and gravy...

  2. YUM - that place sounds awesome and filled with PPK'ers too - HURRAH!
    Gorgeous photo of your youngest.
    Happy Mofo'ing!

  3. it sounds to me like they need to open up a place in atlanta!