Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Vegan Eats Montpelier, Vt Part 2...Snacking!

As we continued our vacation we decided to check out a Minor League Baseball game between the Montpelier Mountaineers and the Keane Swampbats. My sister lives right outside of Kean and is a Swampbats fan so I will embarass her later with a shot of the scoreboard...but first food! Now no sporting event is complete without food in my book. But this is the same day I ate a Vegan Monster Crepe for lunch so really snacking was the name of the game. My lovely daughter is hiding her head behind a bag of one of the greatest confections I have ever had..and it is...wait for it....Vegan! This Kettle Corn is made with Vermont Maple Syrup instead of the usual sugar or simple syrup and all I can say is WOW. If you ever see this stuff grab it. Other vegan options at the game included Italian Water Ice, French Fries and potentially the Veggie Burgers but I got to admit I was to full to ask. We did stop before we left town to have fresh made Guacomole at Juanitos in downtown Montpelier. I tried to get a picture while still pristine and pretty but it was do good I couldn't get one in around the chips. The picture below does not do justice but I think you'll understand.

And as promised the score of the game.

Happy Mofoing!

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