Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vegan Eats Montpelier, VT Part 1

Continuing with yesterday's theme of where to get vegan eats in Vermont, we move on to Montepelier the state capital. There is actually quite a few choices for vegan food in this city. Our lunch time choice was The Skinny Pancake a crepe restaurant with locations in both Montepelier and Burlington. Again their emphasis is on local, organic fresh ingredients. The crepe pictured is the Vegan Monster a veganized version of their Veggie Monster Crepe both of which are regular menu item. The contents is House-made seitan, baby spinach, VT Wild Mushrooms, caramelized onions, and roasted red peppers served in a vegan crepe shell or VT Soy company tofu can be substituted instead. Veganized versions of their Thai Noodle Crepe and Johhny Boy BBQ crepe are also available. Also on hand are local organic and vegan beers and wine. Additional Montpelier Restaurants with Vegan friendly offerings include Rhapsody Natural Foods, httpp://www.rhapsodynaturalfoods.com/ an informal buffet type restaurant which advertises being dairy-free! (blasphemous in this state)
Kismet Kitchen http://kismetkitchen.com/default.aspx, A more upscale restaurant which according to their website "pride themselves on accomodating dietary needs including dairy and gluten free." Their menu features many vegan substitutions for nearly everyone of their dishes. Even the local diner, Coffee Corner features tofu scramble. We spent the day eating, shopping and exploring. That evening we attended a VT Mountaineers Minor League baseball game...but that will be for part 2 tommorrow.


  1. Hey you are in my city!
    Coffee Corner has great tofu florentine for breakfast.

    Rhapsody is meh okay a little dissappointing and my belly never feels right after eating there.

    Kismet is pretty good their tofu rancheros is really good.

    Royal Orchid, That's Life Soup and Langdon Cafe all have vegan eats as well.

  2. Cool thanks for the recommendations. I am going to be back up that way later in the year so I will have to check the others out!

  3. oh wow... haven't haven't had a crepe in YEARS!!!