Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vegan Ballpark 1: Lakewood Blue Claws Stadium, Lakewood, NJ

This Memorial Day three generations of my family decided to spend it enjoying "America's Favorite Pastime" Minor League Baseball.

The game was a lot of fun despite a rain out in the 7th inning. Before we left it entered into my mind that the whole family was planning one eating at the stadium and I was not certain what would be available for my vegan teen and I so I decided to explore and share the options with you! Some typical baseball snack foods of course immediately came to mind like peanuts,
popcorn and cotton candy.

French Fries would be fine although not likely to have been fried in seperate oil from the chicken fingers for those who mind that sort of thing. Further hunting revealed actual mesclun mix salads and fresh fruit salads so an actual healthy meal could be had without harming our animal friends.
As if that weren't enough excitement for favorite vegan beer Yeungling is available on tap.
All in all a vegan can enjoy a fairly diverse menu here in Lakewood. Coming up this Summer we intend to go to a Trenton Thunder game, NY Yankee minor league affiliates(Now you're talking!) I'll report on the vegan offerings there in a future post.

BONUS! Dancing Mascots:

And Ballplayers!