Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Using My Coop Order Day 2: Root Veggies

Autumn Veggie and Tofu Roast
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Last night''s dinner was typical of two things in my house: It was easy to make and clean up cause it's a school night AND it incorporated multiple items from my coop order. Thanks to Joanna Vaught and her Roasted Autumn Vegetables and Tofu Recipe, you can start making this a regular at your house too. There are a couple of genius things about this recipe: first of all you can incorporate as many different vegetables as you want. This is great for odds and ends or in my case when the quantity of one vegetable doesn't stretch for 5 people. Also it is pretty much fix it, pop it in the oven and forget it. So you can clean up your prep mess while it cooks and have virtually no clean up after dinner. This recipe has also been a great way to get the tofu phobes in the family on board with eating tofu. So just for the record, this meal used fingerling potatoes, butternut squash and carrots from this past week's delivery.


  1. **OUCH!**

    Mental Note: Don't stick face in hot vegetables... :)

  2. hmm...i have squash, fingerlings, carrots and tofu at home. and this looks very appealing since it's all cold and drizzly outside. this might just be dinner tonight!