Friday, April 23, 2010

Recap Day 5: In Which Mobile Blogging Proves an Epic Fail but a $14 Appliance Makes My Day

As a tribute to just how out of control my schedule can sometimes be, I give you my first attempt at mobile blogging(but more on that later).  What success I managed to have on Day 5 is a tribute to two devices.  One quite high tech, my Iphone, the other decidely low tech, the beauty pictured below, my tortilla press.  Three guesses which works better.....

My Iphone costs about 27 times as much as the tortilla press and because I am a cooking geek it will be a toss up which I am more in love with. I think most of you know the glory of the "smart phone" but I suspect you will need some convincing about the press. So here goes:

It costs about 14 dollars. It requires no energy other than minimal elbow grease. It makes identical perfectly round 7 inch circles of dough! Observe the tortilla in the pan above. I now have visions of naan, roti, calzones, empanadas, mini pizzas and fruit filled handpies dancing before my eyes. Anything that can be made out of cute little dough circles can be mine! And according to the box, I can even use it to smoosh my tostones before the second fry when I make dinner tonight. I have an ancient kitchen with minimal shelf and counter space so a gadget needs to earn it's chops with me. This little beauty has.  My Iphone?  Well it did allow me to email myself the photos and the blog posts which should have been uploaded to Blogger directly but decided to either fail or send one sentence at a time as an individual post.  Epic Fail, thank you very much!
So tonight was a moderate success. Ironically enough the fly in the ointment was my own UUCMC nominating committee meeting. I ate sans tv with Steven joining me for moral support. The kids and dad did the same later I trust. The menu:  leftovers. I reheated last night's grilled veggies, wrapped them in a homemade tortilla and added chipolte hot sauce. Yum! Last night's potato salad was on the side.

Sean's food fact of the day is "I like blueberries". Yup pretty lame but mom wasn't home and at least it is indeed a fact.

Tonight is Day 6 and a Friday with no soccer practice so a much more relaxed dinner should be served around 6. The menu is Hot Sauce Glazed Grilled Tempeh, Tostones and Brazilian Shredded Kale. Expect a major treatise on tempeh in the next post.

Oh and if you have successfully mobile blogged using an Iphone, I would love a lesson.

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