Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vegan Eats: Red Bank, NJ Red Bank Farmer's Market

The culmination of my mother daughter weekend with the vegan teen was a trip to Red Bank's Farmer's Market held each Sunday from 9am to 2 pm at the Galleria parking lot in Red Bank. In addition to wonderful organic, local or both produce as the green beans, corn and dandelion greens attest, there are a variety of venders with both vegan and non-vegan items. Also local purveyors of jewlery tee shirts and art work are on hand as well.

One of my favorite stands is Certified Orgasmic Chef, Adam Sobel and his host of vegan goodies. Including sandwiches,raw pizzas, raw deserts, yeasted and non yeasted donuts and blueberry crumb cake featured below. In addition to manning a Farmer's Market booth. Adam prepares take home vegan raw and cooked foods for pick up or delivery. He teaches raw cooking classes, provides desserts for local veggie restaurants and caters small and large events. His website has all the details including a means for signing up for his weekly email menu of foods available. In addition to the crumb cake, my daughter and I both got an apple cider donut but ate them too quickly for pictures...sorry!

We also discovered a new favorite vendor Ducky Life Teas . They feature fair trade, organic specialty teas such as the Green Tea hanging out with my awesome vegan crumbcake. They offer tastings of 2 varieties of their teas for sampling at the booth which were quite unique and refreshing. Unfortunately they were all out of the white peach variety I tasted that day but I am a green tea fan so I am pleased with my selection of Larry's Dragonwell Greentea. Also exciting to me is the fact that they are a local company taking party in the Asbury Park renaissance.

The Farmer's Market is a wonderful way to spend a Summer Morning. And the steamed green beans, corn on the cob and Shitake and Dandelion Greens Saute (recipe courtesy of Jae Steele ) dinner that night was nothing to sneeze at either!


  1. I love getting my food from the farmer's market!

  2. Oh my gosh! Love me some ducky life teas!!

  3. thanks for the review and hope to see you there but you can skip the thorn in my side thing might enjoy my blog at I can get around to adding some more content now and again...just found this link on fb so don't think i am still catching up on 2009