Friday, May 8, 2009

And so we begin....

Well after multiple fits and starts it is finally time to begin this thing. Why you may ask? And right you should after all I ask myself the same question. I suppose the reality is that I assume that somewhere out there there may be other people like me. Raised in the 80's on punk rock, activism and anarchy and somewhere along the road you wake up and live in the same sort of town you ran away from. Now you are the mom and the responsible almost adult but your values really have not changed. It is a weird sort of exile here in the burbs with your politics, religion and even your eating style not quite the same as your neighbors and friends and yet you make a stand and continue. Or perhaps you are not like me at all in biography but share the values of veganism, sustainability, individual freedom etc...anyhooo....the goal is to promote the things that I cherish and offer tips on how to survive out of step with the rest of our society...and if it can be done a budget all the better. So follow or don't because I really have never been much of a leader!

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